Top Power Tool Brands to Buy

Top Power Tool Brands to Buy


When you shop online for power tools at a website like Amazon, you’ll find several different brands vying for your attention. How do you know which ones offer the best deals? 

Although many customers shop for power tools based on the checkout cost, price isn’t an accurate indication of value. If you keep buying cheap stuff that breaks after a few uses, you’re likely paying more for this resource than if you’d bought something at a higher price from one of the following brands.

Although any list like this is subjective, these power tool brands have a long history of providing high-quality products that often outlast the competition. 

List of the Best Power Tool Brands

1. DeWalt

This power tool brand got its start in 1923, making it one of the industry’s oldest today. Although Black and Decker acquired it in 1960, the trademark yellow tools have become one of the best options for home DIY projects and professional needs. The portfolio that’s available to you with this power tool brand includes hundreds of different selections.

2. Milwaukee

This brand started producing products in eastern Wisconsin in 1924. Although ownership went through several changes over the past few decades, the quality has not diminished from its overall line of goods. The Sawzall stands out above the rest when you need power tools because this company’s design set the standard for the rest of the industry.

3. Black and Decker

It used to be one of the trademark names in the power tool industry that stood alone when others went through mergers and acquisitions. Now it is part of the Stanley family, with the combined resources making it and several other brands part of a Fortune 500 company. The first tools came off the line in 1910, and we had them to thank for the invention of the portable electric drill in 1917.

Even if you need a lawn trimmer or a mower to meet your needs, Black and Decker has a broad inventory to review that can deliver impressive results. 

4. Craftsman

Although this power tool brand is going through some uncertain moments right now, it is still one of the best options to consider for your next project. Sears created this brand in 1927 to sell in its retail stores. Although the ownership changed in 2017 with the retailer’s bankruptcy proceedings, the portfolio of outdoor equipment, wrenches, and miscellaneous tools is still one of the best because it combines price and strength.

5. Ridgid

Unlike some of the other top power tool brands to buy today, this one got its start serving the HVAC industry in Ohio. Over the years, the manufacturer has gone into several other design updates to create a wide range of options to consider. With its interchangeable battery selections, you have a tremendous asset when shopping with this company.

What are some of your favorite power tool brands that you keep stocked in your garage today?

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