Should I Buy Craftsman Tools Today?

Should I Buy Craftsman Tools Today?


When Craftsman got sold to Stanley Black and Decker, it seemed like Sears was standing on its last foot. Retail sales of power tools and other goods were down significantly at its stores, which meant money had to come from somewhere. 

Sears would eventually sell the Craftsman line of tools for $900 million. 

As part of the agreement, Stanley Black and Decker get to take over the brand, while Sears has the right to continue manufacturing and marketing the product. This arrangement is expected to continue until 2032.

With that arrangement, is it even worth pursuing a Craftsman tool today if you need to get something for your home or business? 

Are Craftsman Tools Still a Good Buy?

Many homeowners invested money in their Craftsman tools because of the guarantee that came with the product. If the item broke for virtually any reason, you could bring the instrument back to a Sears store for a direct replacement at no charge. 

It didn’t matter if the tool was ten days or ten years old when you encounter the problem with it. If your Craftsman tool failed, you could get another one.

Many people have noticed this brand since its 2017 transfer because the quality seems to be going down a little. That doesn’t mean you are buying a terrible tool when you pursue something from Craftsman, but it does mean that you should take some more time to review the pros and cons of each product. 

The most notable changes seem to be in the entry-level tools that you’ll find in stores and online today. Two words describe the user experience with these options: cheap and capable.

Public Opinion Is Not High on These Tools

Sears didn’t do itself any favors in the way that it managed the Craftsman brand in its final years of ownership. In a quest to save money, most manufacturing processes for the power tools were outsourced outside of the United States. 

Most of the tools were built in China. When Stanley Black and Decker took over ownership of the brand, one of their first announced priorities was to bring back the manufacturing to the United States.

Does it feel good for many people to support local jobs when they purchase a power tool? Of course, it does! 

Homeowners also have less money to spend on tools and supplies because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new tools in the Craftsman inventory look appealing, and the price is where it should be, but that doesn’t mean brand negligence disappears overnight.

Have you ever had someone treat you honestly for a while and then take advantage of your trust? That’s how many people feel about Craftsman, and it will take time to correct that problem. 

If you have old Craftsman tools in your garage, keep them! When you need something new, this brand is better than the unknown ones that try to act as industry disruptors. 

It might take some time for Craftsman to return, but at least they’re taking the first steps forward.

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