Affordable Ways to Remodel a Room This Winter

Affordable Ways to Remodel a Room This Winter


If a cold winter of staying inside is in your future, you might as well make the best of your time by remodeling one of your rooms at home. 

You can use it to add more equity to your property or help the space become more comfortable for everyday use.

These ideas can help you to accomplish this project affordably while maximizing the value of the outcomes.

Best Ways to Remodel a Room Today

1. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Although interior paint can last for up to 15 years, it usually needs a new surface after 36 months. Sunlight, indoor lighting, and random accidents can leave the wall looking dull and pitted. If you use a product that incorporates primer, you can clean things up with a single coat. Try adding more contrast to your room, lightening it from a darker color, or reverse the trend to go darker.

2. Embrace the hygge concept.

Hygge refers to the coziness of the space within a room. It’s the one spot you want to be because it makes you feel comfortable. It only takes a few dollars to add some charm to these spaces, such as getting new throw pillow covers or adding a decorative element. Whatever it is that makes you smile is an excellent candidate to help your area transform.

3. Change the flooring.

Although this remodeling project is more extensive, it can still be an affordable way to help your room feel fresh and new. If you have a carpet that’s more than a decade old, consider ripping it out to replace it with new material. Most rooms can get recarpeted for under $1,000 today.

If you have a little more money in your budget, consider going with a vinyl hardwood replicate. This material looks like you spent thousands on a natural product, but it offers a waterproof surface to use instead. 

4. Swap your doors.

The room’s focal point is what your remodeling efforts should target. For many homes, that means the entryway is your first emphasis point. If you have a stock door without any features leading people into that area, consider upgrading it for a better first impression. Once you have that issue solved, pick the 1st wall that someone sees after walking into the room to create an accent piece that grabs even more visual attention.

5. Make the room feel bigger.

If you hang curtains or draperies closer to the ceiling, it will make a room feel more extensive because of that change’s visual impressions. You can achieve similar results by bringing your cabinets to the top or extending artwork the same way. When you don’t have a tight budget to follow, consider installing new windows or skylights for additional natural lighting. 

If you tackle each room’s remodeling needs during a weekend project, you can make your way throughout most of the house by the time spring arrives.

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