What Are the Best Flowers to Plant in a Vegetable Garden?

What Are the Best Flowers to Plant in a Vegetable Garden?


Adding flowers to your vegetable garden can provide your space with numerous benefits. It can help you deter pests, attract pollinators, or add to your harvest with edibles.

Interplanting saves time and space because you can grow more of what you love in a smaller area.

Even if the flowers aren’t the edible type, you can plant them in your vegetable garden for eventual decorations or curb appeal. 

These are the best options to consider adding to your garden during the next growing season.

List of the Best Flowers to Plant with Your Vegetables

1. Pot Marigolds

Calendula is part of the daisy family, and this option is considered edible. Their flavor is quite bitter, so it tends to be an acquired test. It will repel some pests for you, but it can attract lots of aphids. Most gardeners use it as a trap crop to keep the unwanted insects away from their vegetables.

2. Cosmos

These flowers are easy to grow, and they bloom profusely throughout the year. They attract numerous helpful insects, including green lacewings. You won’t have any aphids around with these voracious eaters lurking! They need full sun and excellent drainage, but the reward is a bounty of beautiful blooms.

3. Lavender

Not only do these flowers offer a lovely fragrance, but they can also repel several garden pests. If you’re having a deer problem, consider adding this plant to your borders to keep them away. It’ll also cut down on the moths and ticks that you can find on your property. The blooms attract bees, so you might want to keep them away from walking paths.

4. Nasturtiums

These cheerful blooms perform well in cooler growing climates. You’ll get some protection against beetles and squash bugs, and their seeds are large enough that you can keep replanting them each season. They need to be rubbed with sandpaper first to generate seedlings. This option is also one of the better edibles, with even the leaves a possible addition to your favorite salads.

5. Sunflowers

This flower serves as a natural trellis for your climbing vegetables, such as snap peas. The nectar they offer can attract numerous pollinators to your property. If you’re growing these blooms for seeds, be aware that squirrels will try to grab them before you can get them harvested. If you want to deter pests, try planting squash to stop the harvest thefts. 

6. Sweet Peas

Although the seeds are poisonous to humans, many animals find them a delicious addition to their diet. You can grow them with the ones you can safely eat to maximize your garden’s growing space when you need climbing access points.

7. Zinnia

These stunning blooms always draw your attention when they grow in a vegetable garden. Their nectar-rich temptations bring lots of pollinators to work on your vegetables. They’re especially popular with hummingbirds. If you have problems with Japanese beetles, they’ll serve as a trap crop for you. 

What are some of your favorite flowers to plant each year?

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