How to Build a Backyard Shuffleboard Court

How to Build a Backyard Shuffleboard Court


If you’ve decided that a shuffleboard table isn’t the right investment for your family, have you considered installing a court in your backyard? 

Outdoor shuffleboard games provide a fun experience for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are three years old or 103! This lively sport offers competition and laughter for all skill levels.

Although it might seem daunting to install a shuffleboard court at home, the work is relatively straightforward. All you need is some flat land, a little concrete, and these steps. 

Step #1: Prepare the Spot

Your shuffleboard court must have a 52-foot concrete slap that’s also ten feet wide. If you have more room than this, add a little more to the dimension to stand space for both sides. Once you have the area measured, level the land, and frame the court so that the concrete can cure appropriately.

Step #2: Pour the Concrete

Once the framework is in place for your shuffleboard court, you are ready to pour the concrete. You’ll need a depth of about four inches to create a lasting asset. Most people find that they must hire a concrete truck to deliver this amount. It equates to at least 600 square feet of material. 

Step #3: Level the Concrete

Once the concrete is in the frame, use a large trowel to level out its surface. After it becomes smooth, you’ll need to give it several days to dry correctly so that it has the strength to support your shuffleboard game. 

During the drying process, you must keep the concrete moist to prevent it from cracking. You’ll need to cover the entire area with sheeting to accomplish this goal in most situations. 

Step #4: Paint the Lines

After the concrete dries and becomes firm, you can paint the court with a solid color to give it some definition. You also have the option to seal it immediately to save some time and money. After the sealant is dry, you can paint the surface lines and court dimensions. Several templates are available online to help you with this task.

Step #5: Give It Some Wax

After the lines are on your shuffleboard court, it is time to give the surface a good waxing. You must remove all debris from the concrete’s surface before completing this step. 

Once you know it is clean, the shuffleboard wax must coat the entire surface to allow the discs to glide smoothly toward the scoring region. 

This step is an ongoing maintenance chore that you’ll need to continue completing throughout the life of your court. Without shuffleboard wax, the game becomes less fun.

Step #6: Get the Tools and Accessories

When your shuffleboard court is complete in your backyard, it is time to play! Get your cues, discs, rules, and players to start having some fun. 

Although a shuffleboard court costs more to create, it can also become a permanent part of your property to add some value to it. These steps can take you to a successful experience. 

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