Best Shuffleboard Accessories to Buy Today

Best Shuffleboard Accessories to Buy Today


When people think about shuffleboard, they often picture some folks on a cruise ship deck playing the old-school game of trying to hit scoring triangles on the other side. If you have a table at home to play this fun game, you can have a fantastic way to pass the time on a rainy day. 

Once you have the shuffleboard table, these accessories can enhance the playing experience for everyone involved.

1. Shuffleboard Brush

This accessory cleans the table for you, and most of them remove the wax when you need to take that step. The best products have a frame and handle made from hardwood with ergonomic shaping for comfortable use. The width should be enough to cover most of your table without creating potential scrapes or scratches. 

2. Wall Art

If you are unfamiliar with shuffleboard’s rules, several manufacturers have wall art displays that you can frame in your game room to understand how to play. A poster with the basic rules should cover teams, variations, and one-on-one situations. 

3. Powder Wax

Shuffleboard powder comes with various speed settings. Most manufacturers use a numbering system to indicate what to expect when playing, but a few use a color-coded system for this purpose. The best item to purchase is a kit that contains all of the different waxes so that you can test different combinations at home.

4. Scoreboard

You could keep the score of your shuffleboard game in your head, but a fantastic accessory to purchase for your table is a scoreboard. Some models come with scoring beads, while others use an electronic system that automatically keeps track of each total. A great compromise is a manual system that you can update after each score at your convenience.

5. Table Cover

Your shuffleboard table can receive damage surprisingly fast in your game room. If you have pets or kids at home, a cover is a must-have accessory. Unless you can test the product’s quality first, it helps to focus on the brand-name items in this category to ensure you get a reliable product. The price goes up according to size, so make sure you grab the nine, 12, or 14 feet you need.

6. Pucks

You’re not going to get to play shuffleboard without having pucks available for your table. Most manufacturers provide a free set with your initial purchase, but it is not unusual to want something with better quality. The best designs have a beveled edge for swift movements and smooth action so that you get a reactive bounce. They should feel substantial without being heavy.

7. Bowling Pins

This feature for shuffleboard tables is probably not high on your list of items to own, but it can be a lot of fun to have. The best designs come with a setter and hardwood pins to create a fun experience.

If you have a game room at home, a shuffleboard table is an investment that makes sense. When you add these additional accessories to this purchase, you’ll have lots of fun and laughter waiting in your future. 

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