Where to Get a Spare Tire for Your Vehicle

Where to Get a Spare Tire for Your Vehicle


If you have recently purchased a new car, you might have encountered a new automotive industry trend during that transaction. In a bid to save money, some vehicles come without a spare tire. What you receive in return is emergency roadside assistance that you can contact if you have a flat.

When your preference is to have a spare in your trunk or underneath the cabin, the dealership might charge upwards of $300 to get you this asset. For that price, you could buy two standard tires and rims from places like Les Schwab!

If you need to get a spare tire for your vehicle, here are the places where you can find what your car requires. 

About 35% of Cars Come Without Spares Today

The first step to consider when purchasing a spare tire for your car is to think about whether one is genuinely needed. Although not having it as standard equipment can lead to some nasty surprises, the cost sometimes outweighs the benefits of having one. 

It might be better to have a patching kit or an inflator kit instead of a traditional spare tire. 

If you decide that a spare tire is necessary, these are the places to start shopping. 

1. Amazon

You can find almost any tire you need for your make and model at this E-Commerce giant. Before placing an order for your spare, please remember to verify the size that your vehicle requires to make sure your investment makes sense.

2. Advance Auto Parts

This retail chain provides access to spare tires, inflator kits, and other flat management tools so that you can get back on the road right away.

3. Les Schwab

This tire representative and service center can help you find the right spare tire for your car if you pull up and request help. Should you arrive with a flat, the technicians will perform a complete inspection to determine the reason for your problem. If it is fixable, they might provide your maintenance for free.

4. Discount Tire

Another tire chain to consider for a spare works to get you the best price possible for what you need. This option works well if you require a specific rim that isn’t available from other places because of the specialty nature of the design. You’ll also find highly competitive prices for the tire itself. 

5. eBay Motors

If you use this online resource to find a spare tire, you might end up buying a full replacement instead of the donut. With the used options and affordable rims for most makes and models, it doesn’t take long to find what you need with this resource.

The final option to consider for a spare tire is your local Walmart store. Although the item you need might not be in stock when you visit, the service technicians can help you select and order the correct one at an affordable price. 

Whether you choose Amazon or someplace else, a spare tire reduces the need to wait on others if you have a roadside emergency. That’s why it is an investment that often makes sense. 

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