How to Detail Your Car at Home

How to Detail Your Car at Home


We have all seen a little bit of everything in 2020. Some people had their jobs ripped right out from underneath them, while others have found a niche where some amazing success stories have occurred.

We have looked at COVID-19 haircuts, makeup tutorials, and homemade dance videos over the year to pass the time and take care of ourselves. One of the less frequently talked about needs is to detail your vehicle. 

When was the last time your car received an extensive cleaning? If you can’t remember when it was detailed, now is the time to freshen up the interior. 

These are the steps that you will want to take to create a successful result. 

1. Clean Your Cupholders

The cup holders are usually the dirtiest place in a vehicle. If you want to clean them quickly:

  • Put an old sock over the bottom of your favorite travel mug.
  • Spray it with window cleaner and twist to remove the gross stuff.
  • Once it is clean, spend a few dollars on a rubber liner to make the job more manageable in the future.

2. Blast the Crevices

Instead of trying to vacuum up the debris in your vehicle, use compressed air to blast out the unwanted items. You never know what you might find, but most people get some loose change, a few pencils, and lots of attracting dirt. Once you clean out the crevices, that’s when you want to start vacuuming. 

3. Focus on the Corners

You don’t need a unique tool to clean the restricted areas of your vehicle’s interior. Cotton swabs, skewers, and similar items work well to clean the smallest spots inside, such as your switches and buttons. 

4. Give the Fabrics a Deep Clean

The best product for cleaning your fabrics and upholstery in a vehicle when detailing at home is a foaming aerosol product. Spray the item as instructed by the manufacturer, using a vacuum to remove it as the product dries. If you want a deeper clean, try using a carpet extractor for this part of the job.

5. Be Gentle

Most vehicles use plastics for the majority of their interior surfaces. You want to avoid any cleaning products that contain ammonia because it could create a permanent bleaching effect.

6. Stay Out of Direct Sunlight

Cleaning your vehicle in direct sunlight will work to prevent possible damage during washing and waxing work. If you have a cloudy day, you have the perfect environment to give your car a new shine. The lowest surfaces tend to be the dirtiest, so it helps to start at the top before working your way down. 

7. Use a Clay Bar

A clay bar creates a squeaky clean for your vehicle’s windows. After you spray an appropriate agent on the glass, use this item to remove any leftover dirt that doesn’t want to wipe away. This item will also take away the remaining debris that sticks two your exterior panels. 

When you have a clean car, you can maximize its resale value or your driving comfort. Although completing this work at home might not be the same as professional detailing, you can get close to the real thing with a little practice!

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