Best Tire Brands to Buy in 2021

Best Tire Brands to Buy in 2021


When your vehicle requires a new set of tires, you’ll find that several brands and tread options are available in today’s marketplace. 

Seeing all of those choices can lead to some potential concerns about purchasing the right style and size for your car. Do you find yourself asking these questions as you are shopping?

  • What are the best tire brands to buy today? 
  • Which company produces the best tread options for my vehicle? 
  • Why are some tire brands better than others?

Although some companies provide consistently good results across all makes and models, buying the best tire is not a cookie-cutter process. What works well for you might not be the best choice for another vehicle. 

That’s why knowing what brands to review first is essential to vehicular health. If you need new tires, start with these selections!

List of the Top Tire Brands

1. Michelin

Most people recognize this tire brand because of the company’s mascot. The organization started making tires in France in 1889, using top-grade rubber to deliver exceptional results. You’ll find performance increases with few risk factors waiting for you so that the everyday driving you need to do is done safely. 

2. Goodyear

Although the company might be more famous because of its blimp then it’s range of tires, many people associate this brand with a quality product. It’s the official outfitter for NASCAR, which means you can see its products traveling around the racetrack at 200 mph. You’ll find categories available for every make and model, with most cars having multiple sizes to consider for whatever performance outcomes you want.

3. BF Goodrich

With over 115 years of service, this brand creates a tire that enhances almost every make and model’s driving experience. Their focus is on passenger cars, trucks, and SUV’s, providing summer and winter driving options that helped to keep you on the road safely. Some models have steel belts within the sidewall to offer additional strength on challenging roads.

4. Bridgestone

This company uses the experiences from two organizations to create one fantastic tire. Firestone merged with the company in 1998 to form the largest manufacturing business globally in this category. They are to thank for the radial tire construction updates to your wheels, with the rayon cord tires being one of the best items to come down the highway in years. Their current goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while producing stronger, more reliable tires.

5. Continental

With roots that trace back to Germany in 1871, this brand is one of the most trusted tire manufacturers in the world today. If you have a luxury or performance vehicle, the specialization options you’ll find in its portfolio can take your driving to the next level. These wheels offer comfort and handling that let you manage your stopping distance effectively in almost any condition.

If you need new tires for your vehicle today, try considering these brands first if they make the size you need. The results you’ll notice once you get back on the road will take your breath away!

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