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Adding flowers to your vegetable garden can provide your space with numerous benefits. It can help you deter pests, attract pollinators, or add to your harvest with edibles. Interplanting saves time and space because you can grow more of what you love in a smaller area.


Improving Your Home Room By Room

  •   If a cold winter of staying inside is in your future, you might as well make the best of your time by remodeling one of your rooms at home.  You can use it to add more equity to your property or help the space......

  •   Kitchen remodeling projects are one of the few investments that always make sense for a home. If this space is over ten years old, you can save significantly by updating your appliances, counters, and fixtures. If you blow up the kitchen to do...

  •   If you hire a plumber to come to your property for a clogged drain, you could be looking at a minimum service charge of $100. When you know how to manage those pipes using DIY methods and tools, it might not cost anything! Most......

  •   When you have original windows in your home, the design might be pretty, but the results you receive might have a lot to be desired.  Older glass doesn’t do a good job of keeping the heat in your home during the winter months. It......

Power Tools Get The Job Done


This power tool brand got its start in 1923, making it one of the industry’s oldest today. Although Black and Decker acquired it in 1960, the trademark yellow tools have become one of the best options for home DIY projects and professional needs. The portfolio that’s available to you with this power tool brand includes hundreds of different selections.


This brand started producing products in eastern Wisconsin in 1924. Although ownership went through several changes over the past few decades, the quality has not diminished from its overall line of goods. The Sawzall stands out above the rest when you need power tools because this company’s design set the standard for the rest of the industry.


Although this power tool brand is going through some uncertain moments right now, it is still one of the best options to consider for your next project. Sears created this brand in 1927 to sell in its retail stores. Although the ownership changed in 2017 with the retailer’s bankruptcy proceedings, the portfolio of outdoor equipment, wrenches, and miscellaneous tools is still one of the best because it combines price and strength.

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Fix Your Car The Right Way

  •   When your vehicle requires a new set of tires, you’ll find that several brands and tread options are available in today’s marketplace.  Seeing all of those choices can lead to some

  •   You’ve probably heard that you should change your oil in your vehicle every three months or after 3,000 miles. The reason why this recommendation gets offered to most drivers is that it i

  •   If you have ever played the game padiddle, you’ve encountered a vehicle on the road that needed to change out a dead headlight.  You might have even been behind the wheel when others got to ann